As soon as vehicles aren't here anymore, That's when you'll see my concerned

The Calises on my fingertips make it hard to type on my touchscreen.

Material sacrifices aren't sacrifices

Rather than an abundance of item, a quality being a main priority

America as I dictate it

Nostalgia has power and capacity to bring so much happiness, sorrow, etc.   but that power is something, that when realized, is something of pure terror and wonder

I wear these necklaces around my neck, so I have the weight to take off at night

Maybe because it's the depression, but feeling a sincere emotion, of any type or way, is a true wonder of the world.   And I am gracious for everyone I receive as well as for others around me feeling them

Irony vs contradiction (self aware contradiction) contradiction is challenging thought and established beliefs, irony is participating without commitment and has the capacity to hurt those who participate without irony.  But maybe they are just happy you are there with them

1. My health
2. Earths health
3. Earths pleasures
4. My pleasures

Behaving in a summer fashion