The mind is such a powerful thing that it allows for multiple states of comprehension.   Therefore no outside drugs I feel are needed to achieve different states of being/understanding

If I were to say I cried all the time, then at least there plus be the presence of a feeling.   And therefore I could rejoice

If someone knit me a hat or scarf I would probably cry

need to Not need

Promises to comfort you

irrelevant  Yummy individuals

Everything static changes, therefore I'm a traveller

I'm setting

Id like to make things that have the same physical life span as I do. I will not feel as guilty for making objects

Is Irony an excuse to participate without committing?

All the photos are in the past

I am my own healer


Human value over religious value is my religion

Solid reality is not the only reality

Retreat center anywhere you want

privilege as problem.

Choose your teacher.

Why make more? Excess needs reasoning

Yell, move, shake your center

Abandon the contact high.

Labels as limit? No. Labels as expansions


When thoughts become an object or have reference, then your ok? Change is constant

When the lights are off, I look stronger

I want to get out. Selfish. Free love .... To punkers. Release from something
Now to rebel is to conform. Feel pure joy.

"I miss those windy rockville days when I hear screams of air against the windows

Arrive alive

My practice is self educating and self-realization. And I make a better coke than Robert (Irwin)

Product of your environment product. You mine as well be acting elsewhere

Alternative by action / thought, not by appearance. Constant drag

Army equates to earth tones

Big tobacco will cure cancer

I live to embrace contradictions

Forced to live in and combative world I suppose you could always just submit, but his submission equal to giving up, suicide, I hardly think so when you have the most agency in the engagement. Having said that do not kill yourself

Therapy had equates to anyone who's willing to listen

Whatever I'm convinced of

Nothing is universal. Except for the unexplainable. Or maybe the feeling of pure terror (the moment before reaction, before comprehension)

What is justice?

I believe in God only if I need it

The idea of eligion in order to comfort someone not exactly sure how I feel about it but I believe in the immediate way it benefits the individual greater good of people as long as the politics in it so on Justin restrictive in unhealthy ways

when it's dark out and rainy I'm scared to drive probably cause I think I'm in a diet like the movies

The most sustainable t'shirt is no t'shirt at all

You always have the past

Occupation of time

The fragmented thought has thought

Can we talk about what's real vs unreal
Genuine vs engenuine

The human condition

Bye by baby

This is the first time I've committed myself to being surrounded by fellow beings.    It's hard at first.   Then things calm down and become beautiful.   And I have faith.   But I don't know in what

Meditation on meloncoly

Feelings of adolescence and perhaps leaving that adolescence, but having nowhere to go

Let's have one dessert and everyone can have a bite

I'm interested in what it can tell me today, rather than what it told me then

Baby as a location, as the construction of its culture

Conceptual apparatus vs abstract experience....trying to rationalize that experience.......On weed

Avoidance of ignorance

Making the mystic real and the real mystic