Somedays I'm happy some days I'm sad
Some days I want long hair somedays I want a shaved head
I'm a hunter (baby)
other days I have the touch of a cloud
Somedays I believe in god, other days it's not in my best interest
Somedays I'm strong
other days, I'll do pushups
On occasion I receive ovation, other times
 I'm left with myself.   That's ok.   Unless it's not
I've got my thing swinging, unless I can't use it, then It ceases to exist
Take my chains off at night, grandmas chains, or leave them on until I notice
then make a decision
    Nothing's ever gonna be alright unless I'm convinced.  Time is Temporary, but I can feel it time and time again.  And that lasts as long as I do.  It hits first hard and comes back every time I want it to.  I'm flexing right now, so I can think of you.   I'm scarred, wait maybe it's scared.   I'm unsure how to spell it.  Then again I'm unsure unless I try.   What's it worth?  the consequences.   I want what's real.  I'll do Tricks